The Moo way

Less is more, they say. And “they” are right. Our recipes have a truly deep respect for traditional ice-cream, made from fresh fruits base and high-quality milk, all adding up a “meraviglioso gelato”, as an Italian would say.

Lucia Irinescu - Owner and Quality Manager


How we started

It starts with a simple “what if”, and that’s how it was for Lucia, the gelato unicorn that made it all possible. When she’s not teaching law at the University, taking care of her other businesses or driving her 2 kids to school, she gets playful with gelato, her favorite dessert of all times. “I always wanted to make my own gelato, but I did something better: shared my vision with the world. Gelato should always be shared!”, Lucia says.

How we do things

Our Philosophy

Make the best of what modern technology has to offer, but have respect for tradition, is what our motto would sound like. Our creamy gelato stands as proof that the ingredients and simple recipes are what it takes for the perfect scoop.    

25 locations

Growing up

From our first small gelato shop in Iasi, to more than 25 in all of Romania, we’ve come a long way. And don’t worry, we’re not stopping.

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Moo the moose

We are so lucky to have Moo, our little gelato moose-chef, sometimes playful and creative, sometimes very serious, but always looking for the perfect taste. When things get hard and summer looks too far away, he gives us a big moose-hug and says “Just remember, Moo loves you too!”.